10 First Class Business Mistakes NEVER To Make

  • A lack of self-discipline (which shows up as poor impulse control)
  • An absence of ambition (which leads you to expect the world to deliver every opportunity to you)
  • Failure to follow through (you quickly become known as being unreliable)
  • A tendency to gossip
  • Assuming that your qualifications are sufficient or, even worse, more than sufficient for your current job AND the next promotion
  • Assuming that you do not need to learn anything more about the current job or, even worse, the next promotion
  • Poor time, money, or resource management
  • Narcissism (assuming that everything is about you)
  • Failure to cooperate
  • An unwillingness to do anything extra (because “That’s not my job”) 

By all means watch others fall into this bear-pit but never let it happen to you!

Good Luck!