Transform Your Personal Style For Monday!

Just as the retailers we all adore refresh their product ranges and introduce new lines we also need to have a regular spring-clean of our own interpersonal style and to review and redefine how we interact with those around us.

This is a healthy part of not just our own personal lives and relationships but it should also be a feature of how we work with others and what we are trying to achieve in the business and commercial dimensions of our lives.

To start this process, which ideally should be at least a quarterly process each year (there is no real science in seeing large-scale commercial enterprises doing this to both keep and attract new customers) use the following headings systematically.

Remember to ask yourself really critical questions – after all this is you, talking to yourself, about yourself. There are no public audiences here but some honest conversations with yourself will guide you on and to achieve greater success.

  1. Volume of inputs and outputs. How many quality relationships do you have? How many of them are about you receiving support/assistance/guidance/advantage from other people and how many relationships do you have where you provide a similar service to others? Is this a healthy 50/50 split? In a business sense look critically at the suppliers and customers you work with? Are they good quality relationships? Is there mutual respect and support? Looking at this now are there any changes that you need to make?
  1. Variety of your activity. What exactly are you doing in both your personal and business life? Have things become all a little too predictable and stale? Is it time to take a holiday in a different location with a different focus? Has the car that you have had for the last 15 years saying something about you that you wish that it didn’t? At work has the job that you enjoyed become a real chore with no satisfaction or stimulation? Time to widen out the variety of situations and experiences that you have.
  1. Stability and Predictability. Have things become just a little too comfortable? Is getting the 07.23 train to work and catching the 18.55 back home become ever-so dull? We all want some level of stability but this should really be at the level of the local paper being delivered each evening not at the level of your social and work life for the next n years. Look for new challenges. Look for new business opportunities and take no pleasure in just servicing the customers you already have. Similarly look for new suppliers and forge new links. Go to conferences, network (look on my Site for tips on this!). Get Brand You “out there”.
  2. The more visible you become the more you will be noticed and the more you will feel the benefit of being recognised as someone people want to be seen with and work with. This should be accompanied by looking carefully at your image – refresh the suits, shirts and ties, blouses, business dresses etc and get some new shoes. Is that 10-year-old mobile really saying something? (Clue: yes and it’s not a good message). The person who sits in an office away from the action at work will always be removed from the action – out of sight really is out of mind.

Be bold, chat with the inner-you and apply the four points above – make Monday a day of change!

Good Luck!