How To Use Personal Visioning For Career and Personal Development

Many people find that they are more productive when they know where they are going and what they want to get from a variety of situations and sets of circumstances.

The aim of this exercise is to look at how you want to manage the future; this is attempted across eight steps with only the seventh requiring the input of a colleague.

Undertake each step as described keeping to the time suggested.

Answer each step before attempting the next.

Eight Steps in Personal Visioning.

  1. List the main ways you have spent your time over the past decade on a year by year basis (30 minutes).
  2. Go back over each item in Step 1 and underline those that you loved doing (5 minutes).
  3. Go back over each item in Step 1 and put an asterisk (*) against those items that you feel are unfinished (5 minutes).
  4. List the unfinished items in Step 3 on a separate sheet of paper and note whether you wish to resolve each item (5 minutes).
  5. Now write a short story about yourself as you would like to be. It should include those items underlined in Step 1 and all the items needing resolution identified from Step 4.
  6. Look over the underlined items from Step 2 and pick out themes. Are any of these missing from your story? If the answer is “Yes” add these to your story by writing another paragraph (10 minutes).
  7. Now meet with your colleague and present your story as positively as you can, solidly defending your vision. Do not assume that the future will be the same as the past. Feel in charge of what will happen to you and be optimistic. Take 20 minutes each, then reverse roles (40 minutes).
  8. After the discussion write a motto conveying the essence of your story at the top of the document (5 minutes).

The more detail and application you put into the process the better the end result!

Good Luck!