How Can I Use Just In Time PERSONALLY?

We are probably all aware of the approach used in manufacturing called Just I Time (JIT) with its focus upon lean systems and the design and delivery of very efficient systems.

Whilst this is great to see in operation and it directly benefits the organisation how can the underpinning principles help me as an individual?

Try adopting the following principles to how YOU do YOUR work;

  • Work is done to order only; just do what is absolutely necessary and ignore the small, often interesting tasks we would like to do but which do not actually contribute to the end goal or target
  • Activities that do not add value are eliminated; focus on the outcomes set and do not get deviated or led astray by working on side-tasks (however interesting and pleasant this might be!)
  • All staff are involved; make sure everyone in the team has a focus upon the right goals and targets and not side-issues or irrelevant activity
  • Continuous Improvement; while your manager might think they know how to improve what you do only you know how to make this a reality. Ditto you and your direct line-reports. The trick here is to instil a culture where staff are encouraged to identify this themselves and then act upon it.

JIT is NEVER just about manufacturing output or large-scale production changes; it has many “hidden” applications including how you go about your daily routines and tasks.

Apply and reflect.

Good Luck!