Leadership Flexibility – Lessons Learned

Leadership Flexibility – Lessons Learned

A “one-size fits all” model of Leadership does not work and anyone following this approach is doomed to failure.

Many managers get catapulted into the role without any formal training – and even if you are fortunate enough to receive some training in this dark art – this never really gives an insight into what to expect!

We all start from the convenient point of thinking that “I’ll just tell the staff what to do and by when” and go from there; this folly takes no account of the individual personalities of those working with me and is just built around what I want to do with the business or allocated tasks!

With hindsight the key to a successful managerial style is to treat people as individuals and to get to know and understand how and why they work. In this way I can at least try to be an inspiring leader rather than just someone who signs expenses and dishes out work.

Leadership is all about creating “followership” and not demanding blind subservience – the way of the Autocrat!

Good Luck!

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