How To Better Manage Workplace Relationships

How To Better Manage Workplace Relationships

However difficult and challenging it might be you WILL have to interact with peers, colleagues, subordinates, customers, suppliers and superiors throughout your working life – unless you are a Lighthouse Keeper on some far outcrop of rock on the rugged coast!

Consider the ideas set out below as a guide to better management of these potentially tricky relationships;

  1. Know yourself; analyse how you feel in different situations and understand why you feel the way that you do in a cross-section of work experiences and challenges. Why do people push you, why do you get angry and upset, why do you react in the way that you do? Look for patterns and clues to behaviours and actions in yourself.
  2. You can’t be in control; you cannot force people to see things the way that you want them to but you can alter your approach to have a better chance of your view being seen and accepted. Nobody likes forceful people and even disguised aggression goes nowhere g=fast in business relationships.
  3. You can be in charge; this means accepting the situation for what it is and really understanding the reality of the situation. In this way you are able to positively work towards a solution and not actually need to be in control.
  4. Understand the other person’s view; this is more than just to “know your enemy” so you should really know where the other person is coming from. Not only look for the hidden agenda think about how you would approach the situation from the other side of the table.
  5. Change your attitude and approach; always look for the positive in a situation and this will broaden your perspective considerably. People who on the other hand, look for the negative send out different vibes that put others off.

Good Luck!

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