How To Make A BUSINESS Cup Of Tea

Nothing makes the Business Pow-Wow go better than lubricating attendees with a cup of tea.

Not any old cup of tea though – a Quality cuppa says more about you and your organisation that any flash PowerPoint presentation, polished table or nice header paper.

Follow the Do’s and Don’ts below for a professional brew;

DO use fresh-drawn water for a better flavour

DO bring the kettle to a full boil for a standard tea and for black tea; let it cool slightly for delicate green teas

DO use a timer so that you can repeat the strength and the quality of tea during a long meeting!

DO offer iced tea especially when the room is hot or in the summer to add both an alternative but also to refresh delegates at your gathering

DON’T re-boil a half-full kettle as de-oxygenated water robs the tea of taste and flavour

DON’T let the kettle boil for too long as this can often leave a bitter taste

DON’T use spoons that have previously been used to stir coffee – unforgivable!

Don’t offer tepid, luke-warm tea. What an insult – keep it hot and fresh!

Good Luck!