Monday Blues – Let’s Have A Plan!

Monday Blues – Let’s Have A Plan!

Face the week with a refreshed outlook and set out how you will tame the beast that is the start of the week.

Apply the three Rules to Tame Monday as below;

  1. STOP – making “hunched” judgements about how bad or challenging or unwelcome Monday is and plan ahead, systematically, what needs to be done, by when and with whom.
  2. START – actually identifying the issues that are causing some trepidation and anxiety. If you do this you can understand why the tasks you identify create this negative thought process and begin to unpick and plan ahead for the best way to manage them. Focus on the “How” before launching into a solution that then fails to work – this will have a dramatic affect on how Monday then turns out which in turn makes the remainder of the week a challenge.
  3. CONTINUE – to be challenging and driven about the whole “Monday thing” and get on top of the trepidation. Save some pleasant, easy wins for Monday to ease you into the swing of the week and cultivate an approach where you consciously come up with “outside the box” innovative things to get Monday working for you.

Good Luck!

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