How To Use Strategic Questions For Personal And Business Growth

How To Use Strategic Questions For Personal And Business Growth

Strategic questioning is the skill of asking questions that will make a difference, discover new information or change the way in which others around you see things.

This promotes and delivers change and will bring in individuals, groups, organisations or wider communities.

In this way personal and social change can also be introduced and developed for each of us.

Stage 1 – describing issues and problems

Focus questions; What is it that you are most worried or concerned about?

Observation questions; What do you see and hear that makes you worried about the task(s) you will have to deal with? What aspects of the workplace give you stress?

Feelings questions; How do you feel when you talk or think about the problems or issues that you are facing?

Analysis questions; What are the reasons for this? Why exactly do I feel the way I do about dealing with ……?

Stage 2 – asking strategic questions

Visioning questions; What are you really aiming for and what lies in your heart of heart about the tasks facing you? How would you like things to be in the workplace and in life in its broadest sense?

Change questions; What would it take for things o change or for X to actually happen? How do I move to my ideal situation? What needs to change here? Who can make a difference?

Consider all the alternatives; What are ALL of the ways that I could change Mondays for it to be a better day for me? Are there other ways of changing the situation I am now in for the better?

Consider the obstacles; How can I find out what is stopping me from doing what I really want to do? What is stopping me from actually going along the path that I prefer?

Support questions; What help and assistance do I need to make my plans become a reality?  What practical and emotional support is needed and who can supply these?

Action questions; What am I going to do now? Who will I seek out to help me/inspire me/ push me towards my goals? How can I get others involved and excited in this project or task?

Use the questions in a logical and progressive way to identify your strategic pathways and to plan out your actions.

Good Luck!

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