Are You Asking The Right Questions?

To find out what you need in any context you have to be asking the right types of questions!

Unpicking reality from a large amount of information effectively boils down to using the following types of questions;

WHAT? This takes apart an issue to discover what assumptions are beneath it. Questions using What also give you an insight into hidden aspects of the problem and bring forward new alternatives

WHY? This identifies key areas for research (or further research!) needed to solve the problem and to challenge any bias in the way that the problem is being examined and analysed. Why also identifies new angles and approaches.

WHEN? To measure progress and start and end dates/phases.

HOW? The most powerful word of the set as it has to bring out a clear explanation and analysis. A very practical question which then can be developed with the other three words above.

Use them all carefully, systematically and with a desire for clarity and effective detail.

Good Luck!