How To Deal With Unexpected Leadership

How To Deal With Unexpected Leadership

Not all leadership positions come as expected – sometimes you can find yourself in the role by accident or by a set of circumstances that are unplanned.

In this position perhaps it would be good to consider the following points;

  • Be prepared to act and always have a plan (even if this is a vague and woolly plan!) if the knock comes on your door
  • Be ready for the unprepared and unusual circumstances a new role throws at you
  • Be curious, ask questions, ask lots of questions that will boost your knowledge and understanding, assume nothing and seek out information
  • Be yourself; never try to be a carbon-copy of the previous post holder and remember that YOU have been appointed for a reason!
  • Be totally aware of your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Be a good listener. Be a VERY GOOD listener
  • Be bold but consider the implications of making a big decision from all points of view before you act
  • Be a skilled leader who brings people together – be a magnet for action by drawing in those who can and will support you

Good Luck!

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