Good Non Verbal Behaviour Tips For The Interviewer

  • Get the balance of eye contact right – look at the candidate, but do not stare continually – it will make them feel uncomfortable or they will start to think about why you are staring (“Do I have spinach on my teeth?”) and their minds could drift.
  • Avoid looking at your notes or the application form, constantly.
  • Repetitive gestures can be off-putting (e.g. tapping a pen on the table, fiddling with your hair, doodling).
  • Cultivate a ‘pleasant’ facial expression – one that is friendly but fairly neutral – practise with family & friends if need be!
  • Endeavour to not show any inappropriate feelings in your facial expressions – it is OK to show empathy if merited but it is not OK to show that you disapprove when they mention some detail in passing about their home circumstances.
  • Certain gestures can be encouraging – such as nodding your head in appreciation.
  • Do not be afraid of silence – if you have asked a question, the candidate needs time to think of the answer.
  • Consider the overall seating in the interview room – do not get too close nor too far.
  • Desks & tables can form barriers, but are necessary for note-taking – this can be reduced by using round tables or a small/low coffee table (used for the refreshments).
  • Remember your posture – slouching is interpreted as disinterest.