Leading Your Team Into The Unknown

Leading Your Team Into The Unknown

When the unknown knocks on your door many people will instinctively shy away from it, be cautious, scared and apprehensive possibly, and prefer to leave this issue, whatever it is, to someone else.

This is missing a big opportunity!

Your capacity to lead your staff and your organisation/team into the unknown marks you out as someone different, someone to be admired and respected so make sure you grasp this nettle firmly.

The challenge here is a hot-house for the generation of new ideas and approaches that, previously, the team and its individual constituent parts, had kept hidden away for, possibly, fear of rejection of the ideas by their peers. Bring such innovation top the fore now!

Similarly never be afraid to let go of old certainties and identities and positively encourage all of the team to let go of the old comfort-blankets they are holding in favour of a refreshed and inquisitive approach to the unknown.

It is critical on the evolution of the organisation/team that this next stage in their evolution is encouraged and delivered and good, really good leaders know how to develop and then deliver this.

No organisation or team ever prospered through standing still and just accepting what was happening TO them – they got on with the task, became active WITH the challenge and not passive towards it.

Good leaders cultivate this skill – embrace it!

Good Luck!

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