How Do I Maximise My Personal Energy?

The old, well-trodden path of Time Management is over. Dead. Redundant. Irrelevant and in the shadows of the fast paced management environment of 2015 and beyond.

Time Management and its mantras of setting up Bring Forward files, ABCD priority systems and handling pieces of paper only once etc. are long gone – now it is all about ENERGY MANAGEMENT.

Likewise multi-tasking is a myth because the human brain cannot juggle tasks effectively. This is not just a male preserve (men can only do one job at a time jibe!).  What is happening in this approach is that we are just operating a switching process from task to task as our attention moves around a list of “must-dos” and “critical tasks”.

Since moving our attention (and targeted, full-on attention because, after all we are trying to work on numerous “must-dos” and “critical tasks “) is actually a complex task in itself it actually takes longer to keep switching our attention to places where it needs to be rather than where it is most productively spent – on one task at a time.

The best results in terms of quality and reliability come from where we focus on one task at a time and where we are able to devote maximum energy into a specific task.

It is common to find that by doing this more gets accomplished and the list of “must-dos” and “critical tasks” get done but in a phased and more controlled manner. Ask yourself this question; Does the heart surgeon flit about from patient to patient in a large operating theatre doing a little bit of surgery on a steam of patients, flitting between them with the overall intention of performing the collective surgery tasks for that session? Err, No!

The best results come from a focus of effort, intellect and energy!

Good Luck!