How Do I Manage Information Overload?

We are all bombarded with excessive data and information to a point that even the most organised and skilled manager runs the serious risk of missing key messages and then feeling the pain associated with missed opportunity, missed deadlines and missed performance targets!

The first step is to recognise the clear difference between Data (figures presented without meaning or concrete justification) and Information (where Data is made to work for you and trends/issues become clear and can be used to aid your tasks).

Once you separate out the wheat from the chaff the way forward is to use the following points as a guide

  1. Be clear on your intentions and what your job role demands
  2. Be clear on your priorities – does the mass of data and information I have received help in any way? |If not discard it!!
  3. What does the future look like and does this mass of communication help me in any way?

Whatever happens you MUST focus on just what is essential for you, get rid of the rubbish and keep a calm head and not react to the overload by shifting your attention away from the points above!

Good Luck!