Monday Morning Strategy For Success Part 2

Monday Morning Strategy For Success Part 2

Be a Good Communicator

Get really involved and active within your working groups and teams. This will allow you to harness the collective power of your colleagues and spur you on to achieve your goals and targets.

If you sit silently while someone else discusses ideas and concepts you will effectively increase any feelings that you have around being isolated and removed from the action which then increases your fear of involvement and engagement.

If people discuss a plan that you think is great, then speak up. Tell them what an inspiring idea you think it is. They might really need and appreciate your support, even if they do not immediately show it.

When you communicate with your team members – whether showing support, or challenging their thinking – it’s important to stay positive and respectful. Even if you disagree with someone, don’t become emotional. Being objective and fair will make a good impression, get you recognised and allow you to participate increasing the positive way in which you tackle the new week.

Good Luck!

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