Monday Morning Strategy For Success Part 1

Monday Morning Strategy For Success Part 1

Be Reliable

When we are not feeling positive about the forthcoming week, and Monday in particular, it is essential to spin such feelings around and to adopt a positive, skills-based approach to harness the negative energy into something more positive.

You can be a valuable asset to your team simply by delivering what you said you would do – on time. Many staff and team members fail to deliver on promises and make promises they really know that they cannot keep.

This then adds to the fear and concerns about the coming week. Commit to do what you will say you will do – if this become impossible then seek out those affected and explain when you can meet this deadline – not an easy task but very empowering as you are now back with a chance of delivering on your promises.

If you have high standards, people will depend on you to produce quality work. If your output is excellent one day, but only average the next, the team may regard you as being unreliable.

Good Luck!

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