Am I a Good Team Member?

Ask yourself a few critical questions on a regular basis to make sure that you REALLY are making a contribution to the project, task or the groups you are working with.

  • Do I cherry-pick projects? It can be tempting to choose only those projects that seem easier, or ones that offer more benefits. But if you choose more difficult projects, and accept what’s offered you will earn a reputation for being a hard worker. You will become noticed and people will see your willingness to take on a challenge.
  • Support other people on your team by offering positive feedback and providing help if they need it. Your willingness to collaborate and help others will make a good impression on both the group and management.
  • Share information and resources with your team. Remember, you are all there for one purpose – and by keeping everyone informed, you contribute to that goal. If you have past experiences or knowledge that can help others, then offer it.
  • Keep a positive attitude. If you complain, delay, or give the tough assignments to others, people will notice – and they may start to avoid you. A positive attitude can be a refreshing change, and it will help others stay focused and productive as well.

Good Luck!