Beating The Monday Morning Blues

Beating The Monday Morning Blues

Many of us could benefit from looking at Monday morning through a new pair of spectacles. We need to make the day work for us, and not against us, and to have a different approach so that the reluctance /fear of the new week can be harnessed in a more positive way.

Monday accounts for 20% of the typical 5 day week – by taming the Monday Tiger you instantly increase your productivity and effectiveness by that amount without any additional effort or application.

Try the following small steps and see if you can put the beast that is Reluctant Monday back into its box!

Step 1: Identify Priorities

Decide exactly what gets done first and then make sure that it does get done. An early win boosts confidence, sets the mind ready for the next task/challenge and builds emotional momentum.

Know what you are at work to achieve and make sure that what you think are your key tasks actually are your key tasks!

Step 2: Be Positive

Positive staff take the initiative whenever they can. They set high standards of behaviour and relationships.  They have integrity and a passion for doing the best regardless of the day of the week!

Never see Monday as a hurdle to get over – better to see it as 20% of the week that needs to work for you, not against you!

Step 3: Develop Your Skills

A key skill here is to be a good manager of your time – set priorities, recognise what is important and what is not and identify the urgent from the non-urgent! Set up Daily, Weekly and Monthly schedules and stick to them!

Make sure that your communication skills are as strong and effective as they can be – difficulties and problems at work often are rooted in poor or weak communication processes in the workplace. Critically assess how you come across to others and how this might be improved or refined. Am I an active listener? Are my written skills up to the mark?

Stress cannot be avoided but a little bit of pressure can be a good thing. But when pressure exceeds your ability to cope with it effectively, your productivity goes down, and your mood suffers. You also lose your ability to make solid, rational decisions; and excessive stress can cause health problems, both in the short and long-term. Learn some simple strategies to remove the angst and worry from the Monday you currently have; identify key stress points that give you concerns about Monday and devise a realistic and practical plan to deal with this. The more you practice the less terrible Monday will seem and actually be for you!

Good Luck!

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