Why Is Branding A Critical Success Factor?

Was Branding important in the past? Is it very important now? The answer to these questions should be a clear and unwavering YES!

Will Branding become one of the key, business-critical success factors for companies in the next five years? ABSOLUTELY YES!

In the increasingly competitive and expanding global market only those organisations with a clear, well-defined and supremely polished Brand will even hope to survive, let alone grow and develop. This is not just the territory of the big multi-national enterprise with oodles of money to throw at this thing called Branding – it is an essential for small to medium-sized businesses also.

Whatever the size, nature and phase of growth of your company or venture there are some simple Branding Principles that you should follow (and ignore at your peril).

  1. Know your audience. REALLY know your audience. This is not an expensive exercise and huge sums of cash are not needed to build up the reputation and perception of your brand. Ask simple questions like; Who are my customers? How will they experience my brand? How am I using a range of social media to reach and develop my customer base?
  2. Has the Brand got a clear identity? Create an identity. A clear identity means having well-defined features that project the Brand and gain good responses from potential clients. This should include the use of colour, type settings, the voices used to sell the message and the product’s online presence and performance. Always go for simplicity of design and delivery and make it as easy as possible for interested potential clients to make contact. Successful retailing is all about making it very easy for shoppers to part with their cash and to return time and time again. Foster Brand reliability with racy and effective follow-up calls and links when people express an interest.
  3. Get everyone involved. ALL staff should be putting their collective shoulder to the wheel to make the Brand as successful as possible. Your staff are your Brand Missionaries and should extol its features and virtues in everything that they do. If they don’t then that’s time for a difficult conversation.
  4. Be Consistent. Make sure your message is solid and means something to your potential clients. Whatever your product or service and whatever the media you are using ensure that the same message is put across. Have conversations that engage and excite your audience.
  5. Be inspirational and realistic. Make sure that what you communicate you cn deliver but with one eye on the changing nature of your market. Adapt and adapt well to the challenges of new entrants, differing and volatile consumer tastes and the need to both innovate and deliver additionality (whether product or service enhancements) to grow your Brand.

Good Luck!