Motivational Mondays

Monday comes around far too quickly for many of us and creates huge amounts of unnecessary and unwelcome stress. The key to deal with this problem is to change your mind-set and use some of the strategies outlined below.

Generate  a Positive Outlook

Whenever we are in a dark place or just cannot find that spark that we need to get going with a project our minds always turn to a good old dose of procrastination! This is a totally short-sighted approach and while it has its purpose it is far better to force yourself to have a more positive and stimulating outlook to life to lift your spirit. Happiness increases productivity and encourages success.

Look logically at your progress and celebrate it but more importantly distil from it exactly what skills/competences you used to achieve this success and

Find Rewards

We would always agree that Rewards, of whatever kind, increase our motivation and feed our self-esteem. Conversely sanctions or some form of disciplinary treatment very quickly goes the other way but can, under some circumstances, urge you to greater efforts which is an equally strong motivational force.

Use Your Networks and Harness Peer Pressure

Having a strong support network is an essential part of a successful career and it is your friends (either friends in the best sense or reliable, honest “critical friends”) who can turn around negativity and push you in the right direction. Good, honest peer pressure has a similar effect – look around you and think what your colleagues would do in your situation.

If your networks are made up of people who set themselves high goals or targets then these will influence how you also want to develop and progress. Make sure that you have the right Network to make this happen for you.

Good Luck!