Simple Sales Networking Rules

Networking involves making and keeping contacts that can then be developed into either sales leads/prospects or as a source of quality information that can be used to spread your message or to introduce you to new leads or prospects.

Whatever the conversation always have an eye on the potential for a mutually beneficial connection.

A skilled Networker follows the following principles;

  • Meet as many people as you can; networking can take place anywhere so never make the fatal mistake of thinking that networking only happens in a business setting. Make sure that you develop a detailed and sophisticated social network often using indirect and informal contacts
  • When you meet someone tell them what you do; give your name and describe your position in a way that explains what you do but which also invites conversations. Always listen more than you talk!
  • Do not do business while networking; this is just not practical and will put off people who then realise that you are on a sales mission. Take their details and make contact later.
  • Always offer your Business Card; very useful if the contact talks to others about meeting you!
  • Edit your contacts regularly and follow-up systematically; it is not possible to be fully involved with all of your contacts so make sure that you effectively weed out those that you consider to be unproductive, making sure that you send a quick email to those that look productive including business information that will increase your visibility.

Always remember that there are Three Golden Areas for Networking;

  1. Networking within your organisation.
  2. Networking within your industry
  3. Networking outside your industry

Good Luck!

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