How Sales Intelligence Generates Revenue

For large complex contracts of high value Sales Intelligence is of critical importance in both maintaining contact and negotiation through to the conclusion of the process (and winning the Order!!) and in projecting a polished and responsive image to the buyer.

Even if the contract value is relatively modest using the framework below will allow you to come across as a very serious contender for the sale.

Consider the following questions that buyers will EXPECT the sales professional to know the answers to;

Do you know Me? You need to know far more than just my job title and name!

  • Do you know my role, my goals, how I am evaluated and how long I have worked here?
  • Do you know the projects that I am working on, my style of work and doing business, and what I am required to do to achieve my objectives?
  • Do you fully know and understand the dealings I have had with your company previously?
  • Do I have a favourable perception of your company and what it does?
  • Do you fully understand how my role and work influences others in the decision-making process?

Do you know My Company and My Marketplace?

  • Do you know my Company’s mission statement, culture and vision for the future?
  • Do you know clearly what the company is doing, how we are performing in the marketplace, where are problems lie and the issues we are facing?
  • Do you fully know how we are placed in the competitive arena in which we operate?
  • Are we the leader in the field or are we playing catch-up in order to either grow or are we doing this just to survive?
  • Can you relate directly what you are selling to what we need to survive/grow in our marketplace?
  • Do you know who our partners are?
  • How is our company doing in the current economic climate?

What is your Value Added?

  • I see your product but what additional features or services can you bring to the table?
  • What additional resources can you ring that will make my job easier for me?
  • Tell me how you are really, truly different from the other players in your area of expertise so I can recommend working with you.
  • Tell me how you can help me build a strong and robust case for return on investment.

All tricky questions BUT essential homework if you are to get that Order.

Good Luck!

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