Business Card Basics

An effective and crisp Business Card is an absolute essential part of the sales professional’s toolkit.

This gives a personal touch in what is now a high-tech commercial marketplace. Its convenience for quick and effective communication should never be underestimated.

When designing yours bear the following in mind;

  • Use eye-catching items such as your company logo (hopefully this is eye-catching!), raised letters, textured paper and subtle use of colour. Always use a plain white background.
  • The card should carry all current contact information including email address, mobile and office telephone numbers. There is also the possibility of including home contact numbers if you are prepared to be disturbed during non-work hours.
  • Consider using both sides of the card; perhaps you could print your customer service commitments or philosophy here or possibly list your products or services?

Always go prepared to any event or meeting with plenty of cards and be prepared to hand them around to anyone who might want to contact you afterwards. If going to any networking event make sure that your cards are with you.

How you respond to other people’s business cards is important. If you are given a card try to make a comment about what you see when you receive it – perhaps the design, the person’s job title or their company. That way you appear appreciative of the gesture and a respectful engagement has begun.

Good Luck!

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