Job Hunting For College and University Graduates – How To Make The Best Impression

Job Hunting For College and University Graduates – How To Make The Best Impression

Make sure that you use as many tricks of the trade and neat presentational skills that really get yourself noticed.

  1. Use the same keywords in your personal statements on an application as those used in the advertisement for the vacancy. This makes it far easier for employers to effectively and efficiently search and FIND your resume on-line.
  2. Flesh out your personal profiles with blog postings and videos. This makes you stand out from the crowd and shows a commitment to putting your message across on a new and different way.
  3. Use work experience to the full; list the skills that can translate to a workplace. This includes time management, meeting deadlines, handling challenging or difficult customers and peers.
  4. Include specific courses and class projects that show a deeper and a more personal side to your learning and development.
  5. State your personal goals and own them so that they add colour to the picture you are painting. An over-ambitious set of goals impresses no-one but those rooted in reality and that are clearly defined set you out as a serious career-minded individual.
  6. Make sure that you are constantly updating and refining your online fingerprint. Sloppy maintenance of this vital resource makes you appear, well, sloppy and dis-interested in yourself.
  7. Always, always research your target employer and go to any meeting with them armed with details of what they do and how they do it. No employer worth their salt responds well when their interviewee knows little or nothing about the company.
  8. Network with passion. Many positions are publicised through word of mouth so be prepared to put some real effort into making and sustaining links and in keeping your eyes and ears open all of the time.
  9. Know who you are, identify and work on both your strengths and weaknesses, talents, attributes and values.

Good Luck!

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