Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts – How To Make The Most Of Yourself

Make sure that you use as many avenues to get yourself “out there”

  1. Make sure that you make full use of ALL available careers support and advice, regardless of how old you are and how many qualifications you may, or may not, have.
  2. NEVER rely solely on the Internet. it is essential to build up a range of contacts and companies where you have worked previously so that you can draw on a range of support and expertise.
  3. Use both friends and family and make sure that they know you are job hunting. Is it worth asking for informal interviews at their companies to get some interview experience in a non-threatening and safe environment?
  4. The Interview is your window to make that sale; never arrive late or dress inappropriately and a good rule of thumb is to dress a notch or two above the level that the job requires.
  5. Make sure that you follow-up an interview with a personal thank-you note – there is nothing wrong in being polite and this should not be seen as being too “pushy”. People remember good manners!
  6. Never leave embarrassing footprints in your social media; clear out any offensive or unpleasant posts and Google yourself to see what appears. That might be a frightening experience but better you find out before someone on the Interview Panel does!
  7. Be visible! Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that highlight your interests both personally and professionally.

Good Luck!

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