Will Monday Be A Win-Lose Or Win-Win Start To The Week?

Will Monday Be A Win-Lose Or Win-Win Start To The Week?

No matter how things go in the workplace or in any situation for that matter people generally fall into two discrete camps; win-Lose or Win-Win types.

Whilst change and challenges come and go it is essential to keep an open mind and to rise to the challenges that come your way. So what do the two types look like and which one best represents you at the moment?

Which of these best represent you on a Monday morning, facing the vertical cliff face challenge of the working week ahead?

Win-Lose people;

  • See a problem in every solution
  • Fix the blame
  • Let life just happen to them
  • Live in the past
  • Make promises that they never keep

Win-Win people;

  • Help other to solve their problems
  • Fix what caused the problem in the first place
  • Make life an enjoyable experience for themselves and for those around them
  • Learn from the past, live in the present and set goals for the future
  • Make commitments to themselves and to others and keep them both

So, taking into account the two descriptors which are you now and which do you want to be?

Always remember that you have a choice in this and that you can become a Win-Win person travelling through a Win-Win week!

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