What Should My Attitude Be Towards The Competition?

Regardless of how good your product or service is the customer will always be looking at what other providers can deliver for them. To deal with this effectively you must research and be full up-to-speed with their offer and how it compares to yours. This information is freely available and there should be no good reason for you not having this information at your fingertips and in your sales strategy.

The attitude that you display regarding your competition is a big factor in winning orders and you should have a set of basic beliefs that you follow systematically when working with potential customers.

  • In most cases do not refer to the competition in your sales pitch; this will only shift the focus of attention from you and your product to what the competition can offer.
  • Never discuss the competition unless you have got all of the facts correct; getting facts and figures wrong will seriously damage your reputation and credibility to a point where it may not be possible to redeem it. If you do not know a set of figures or specific facts say that you don’t know.
  • Never criticise the competition; if you are asked to make direct comparisons between your offer and what the competition can provide just stick to the facts and avoid emotional or biased comments about apparent or real weaknesses.
  • Be prepared to add Value; be prepared to neutralise the advantages of the competition with added value of your own and talk-up the advantages of what your organisation can deliver.

Customers will always appreciate a fair, accurate and honest presentation of the facts and are generally resentful of stinging criticism and extreme bias. A total mistake would be to get into a mud-slinging process with the competition; centre your attention and delivery onto fairness and objectivity of what you are able to bring to the table.

Good Luck!

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