How To Sell Existing and New Products Effectively To Maximise Revenue

Unless your portfolio of products and services is constantly being updated and revised almost continually your products or services will fall into two discrete groups; those that are new and emerging or those that have a well-established and mature sales profile behind them.

This range offers a challenge to those selling on to customers in that sometimes the selling approaches can get blurred and some clarity of purpose and direction is needed.

So, what’s the sales professional to do?

The answer lies in having a Product-selling strategy that recognised this need and rises to the challenge.

  1. New and emerging product or service; stress the importance of new and exciting levels of expectation, changing consumer habits, establishing new, cutting-edge standards of performance, build desire for the product and driving a focus on creating new markets with fresh demand.
  1. Well-established and mature sales profile; here the emphasis should fall upon brand superiority, the enhanced reputation of the company gained from marketing and selling the product or service, the unique features that a well-established offer has over newer market entrants, the existing excellent levels of customer service being delivered and a clear focus upon sustaining existing, reliable market share revenues and reputation.

Once you clearly decide in your mind, backed up with hard data and information obviously, which of the two categories your chosen good fits into this should then guide you into the most appropriate product-selling approach to take.

Good Luck!

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