How Do Customers Judge Service Quality?

How Do Customers Judge Service Quality?

There is intense, often bruising competition in the service sector for revenue and market share and the casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that purchasing decisions are made on the criteria of price alone. Looking closer, and being a whole lot more scientific about this, it becomes very clear that quality plays a huge part in the process.

Regardless of the service being sought or commissioned the following service-quality dimensions are common features of purchasing decisions.

  1. Tangibles; details and features that the customer can see e.g. the appearance of the equipment to be used and the types of personnel to be employed.
  2. Reliability; the ability to perform the desired service dependably, accurately and consistently.
  3. Responsiveness; the willingness of sales and customer service staff to give prompt service and to help customers.
  4. Assurance; the employee’s knowledge, courtesy and ability to convey trust and confidence.
  5. Empathy; the provision of caring and individual attention to customers.

The trick to winning service contracts lies in the provider organisation being able to judge the five points above and prepare appropriate and measurable responses to each one. Whilst a challenging and difficult process this does however also allow for the insertion of potentially contract-winning added Value, which will allow Bids to stand out from the competition.

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