Getting Into The Buyer’s Mind – How To Get The Buyer Buy

Buyers may not follow a set pattern of structured decision-making all of the time but they frequently DO ask the following questions before placing an order or deciding to purchase. It would be highly unlikely that a significant buying decision would be made without the model below.

So, what is on the Buyer’s mind?

  1. Why should I buy? Often this is because sales staff have not persuaded the Buyer that there is a need to buy as they have not identified an area of pain that the buyer is experiencing. There has also not been a systematic communication of the benefits of a purchase which again makes the seller leave empty-handed. Something of an own-goal!
  2. What should I buy? If both sides agree that there is a need to be resolved then the sales person has to convince the buyer that it is their product that should be ordered from amongst the competition!
  3. Where should I buy? As products become more complex greater emphasis falls onto the “source” decisions that face buyers. Several competing sources can be chosen for routine purchases making the buying process more involved and complex.
  4. What is a fair price? Buyers, with access to a wide range of information sources, can now seek out what they consider to be the right balance between prices and the value or benefits that the good will give them. They can easily see prices that are not competitive and which should be initially at least avoided.
  5. When should I buy? A sale is only closed when the buyer has decided to buy! Reluctance to part with the money can delay sales considerably hence the need to close the sale and get full agreement and money transfer!

Answers to the five pointers above will give you an insight into the buyer’s motives and decision framework; it is not easy however to identify which one is the most important to challenge and focus upon nor is there necessarily a logical process in working through them in sequence!

The trick is to engineer a highly flexible sales pitch to cater for all eventualities.

Good Luck!

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