Are You Satisfying Your Customers?

Customers are both a rare breed and a fickle one too!

Converting a prospect into a loyal customer takes time and considerable patience and effort. If we turn the process around however there are a series of almost standard questions or concerns that Buyers have that can be predicted or at least anticipated. They fall into three main groups.

Questions related to the Product

  • What product is best suited to our type of operation?
  • Does the product meet our quality standards?
  • Given the cost of the new product will we remain competitive in the market?

Questions related to the Company

  • Does this Company provide the most advanced technology?
  • What exactly is the Company’s reputation for quality products?
  • What exactly is the Company’s reputation for standing behind the products it sells?

Questions related to the Salesperson

  • Does this salesperson possess the knowledge and experience needed to recommend the right product?
  • Can the salesperson clearly communicate specific buyer benefits?
  • Can this salesperson serve as a trusted advisor?
  • Will this salesperson provide support services after the sale?

Try the approach out and aim to predict the types of questions you could get asked and at least prepare quality answers to these listed here which are bound to feature at some point.

Good Luck!

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