A Simple Customer Value Model

We often take for granted that interested prospects will buy because they like the product and that there is nothing more to it than just that.

That is a very simplistic concept prone to repeat failure – customers want Value!

Creating Value in a sale is the quickest way to secure custom but also to gain access to the customer for repeat business – after all it is far cheaper and more efficient to use existing customers for new sales than it is to find new customers to sell to.

A simple Customer Value Model looks like this;

  1. Understand the customer’s Value Needs; offer your trust, very carefully identifying what the customer really needs and then offering the best product solution that you can. This may take some time but effort here really pays rewards later.
  2. Creating the Value Proposition; for this you will need a detailed assessment of what is critically important to the customer and then ensure that what you can offer is matched very closely to this specification. Always ensure that your quoted delivery timeframe can be honoured or the potential for further sales will be lost instantly.
  3. Communicating the Value proposition; this includes the product but must also feature the added-value components of the service that your organisation has to offer. Think literally and laterally here to make sure that the customer really understands that they are linking with you, the product and the organisation that you represent.
  4. Delivering the Value Proposition; this can be very challenging and often time-consuming. The focus here is upon lining up all of the services of your organisation including credit approval, training, installation, servicing and warranty as a starter. Whilst this may sound very hard work each part of this allows you the opportunity to add value and further cement what we hope will be a long-lasting relationship.

Good Luck!

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