Top Tips To Produce An Excellent Management Report

There is seldom anything worse than a poor Report that is thrust upon the reader who is then expected to read, digest and come up with an opinion on the document at a moment’s notice.

In delivering your Report there are many different guidelines that you could follow but the points listed below are a brief summary of the things to AVOID at all cost when crafting your document.

A POOR Report will have the following features;

  1. Poor structure.
  2. Unattractive appearance and layout.
  3. Turgid and repetitive style.
  4. Unnecessary length.
  5. Limited number of examples or illustrations.
  6. Diagrams and pictures that do not communicate a message.
  7. Unclear thought processes or arguments.
  8. Too much information presented.
  9. Too little information presented.
  10. Unappealing tone and written style.

A good reader will not always be put off by the above errors as long as they consider that the document has something to say and that it is worth their time and effort to slog through the work to find out something worthwhile.

If the writer can avoid the above points you have a better chance of the reader being receptive to your proposal and to gat agreement or endorsement from them.

Good Luck!

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