Top Tips For Management Reading And Research

Top Tips For Management Reading And Research

We all face a dilemma when reading and researching into materials and juggling time available with the pressure to deliver. Any manager worth their salt is well-read and is continually updating their knowledge but how can you decide what to read and research and what to ignore?

Perhaps the solution lies within a Must/Should/Might approach to the volume of material available to us all.

MUST; anything in your field of expertise that is essential to allow you to continue to practice. Doctors read journals and the results of medical trials to ensure that their knowledge is as sharp as it possibly can be. This also extends to side issues which have a direct impact upon their workload e.g. the side effects of new drugs on existing medical conditions.

SHOULD; developments in other fields that have an impact upon working conditions. The installation of a new Invoicing software programme is important to read about if it has an impact on the sales person’s activities and the way in which customer Billing will change. This does not directly impact upon selling skills but has a key impact on how the customer will pay!

MIGHT; a very broad range of material which is good background and may highlight new forthcoming trends. An example might be the Logistics Manager reading around the subject of new articulated vehicle designs and how this might develop into the future in terms of redesigning handling and goods processing in the Wholesale functions of the business.

In the wider sense you are required to deliver on the performance outcomes of your current job but as there is no such thing as a “job for life” it is absolutely essential that your reading is as carefully planned as possible.

Ask yourself what you have read in the last six months that has allowed you to do your job better? If the answer is Nothing then it is time to seriously review what you have been reading and the SHOULD area of reading needs to expand immediately.

This still does not help with the pressure of time or the volumes that you could be reading – try to read faster or become a more selective reader!

Good Luck!

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