Top Tips For Excellent Spoken Communication

For many people the gap between how our mind works and what we say can be a huge gulf; we want to articulate what our inner conscious says but somehow the gulf between the two is just too large. Whilst this can hold us back it doesn’t have to be this way as some simple preparation and planning what to say can reap rich rewards.

Each spoken communication is a unique experience and will never exactly be repeated again    – possibly modified, but never repeated exactly. Communication messages can be grouped into collections with a similar theme and then recycled and refined with practice.

But what are the generic rules for successful spoken communication? Looking at skilled orators the following issues emerge.

  1. Who? Who are you going to communicate to? A good strategy is to try to visualise them and think what they are expecting from you? What are their interests and preconceptions? What do they share with others and what are their unique qualities?
  2. What? What do you wish to communicate? How will you know when, and if, your message has been successful?
  3. How? How will you put your message across? Make sure that you choose your words very carefully with your audience fully in mind. Plan for a beginning, a middle and an end.
  4. When? Timing is critical in communication terms so make sure your contributions are relevant at that point in time and also bear in mind there are times to be vocal and times to be silent!
  5. Where? What are the physical aspects of your communication? Think carefully about how the room might work for you and how it will help you get your points across. Never be afraid to rearrange furniture if this is going to assist you.
  6. Why? Why is the audience willing to her what you have to say? You may have to tell them why this is so – sales people do this all the time so don’t be afraid of this part of the process. Make sure that you know the value of what you are saying so that the audience does too.

Good Luck!

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