Management Report Checklist – Key Content Needed For An Excellent Report

How will you know that your Report is a success? Try using the following pointers to help in planning and delivering your document.

  1. Is the Title Page complete and well-designed?
  2. Is the layout clear and easy to follow?
  3. Are any essential parts of the structure missing?
  4. Are the main parts of the structure in the most appropriate places in the report?
  5. Do the headings stand out?
  6. Is the numbering of the sections/paragraphs correct and clear?
  7. Are the Appendices clear and helpful?


  1. Is the Executive Summary a fair and representative section containing only the essentials of your Report?
  2. Does the Introduction state clearly the subject and purpose of the Report, the date (s) of the investigation, for whom the Report was written and the scope of the Report?
  3. Does the main body of the report hold all of the main facts and no unnecessary or irrelevant information?
  4. Is the order of the main body correct?
  5. Is the problem clearly stated?
  6. Do the details actually get in the way of the message you are putting across?
  7. Are the sources of facts clear?
  8. Are possible solutions abandoned without any clear comment as to why?
  9. Are terms and abbreviations used consistently and explained for clarity?
  10. Are facts and figures clear?
  11. Are there any statements that are unclear or ambiguous?

General Points

  1. Is the Report objective?
  2. What criticisms could be made of the Report’s conclusions?
  3. Is the Report effective, efficient and business-like?
  4. Will the document create a good impression?
  5. Could anyone take offence at what is contained in the document?
  6. Is the Report positive and constructive?
  7. Does it make clear what decisions now need to be made and if so by whom and by when?

A good Report will deliver all of the above and be an effective reference tool but only if you prepare and execute the project carefully and systematically.

Good Luck!

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