How To Gain Credibility

We all need to maintain and boost our credibility within the circles that we operate; even the most self-assured and confident person has got to that point because they have systematically worked at influencing and boosting their own personal stock – their credibility.

So what simple steps can be taken to achieve this?

  1. You have to believe that you are definitely the best person for the job, whatever that job is. Nobody likes someone who lacks confidence which shows.
  2. You must have a very strong sense of self belief. This means riding the punches when they come, reviewing why things did not go to plan and learning from the experience.
  3. You must be very knowledgeable on your subject and have answers when people ask questions. Successful people answer correctly with confidence and impress those around them. If your knowledge base is thin research, research and do more research until you know your subject.
  4. You must be engaging; people who are engaging draw other to them and are interesting to others.
  5. You will need huge reserves of energy and application to become successful and be able to work hard for long periods of time. Success breeds success but it does not come easy or for minimal effort.
  6. You must be grounded and fully know your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know this you are more likely to be relaxed and confident in what you know but also confident in what you do not know and hence what to avoid.
  7. You must never be afraid to network and ask trusted colleagues and mentors for advice and guidance if needed. Those who support you will give you critical insights readily and help you to become more confident and alert to new possibilities.

Good Luck!

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