How Leaders Practice And Deliver Excellent Communication

Consider the following pointers and see how your skills reflect this list of “must-have” leadership communication traits. Revisit them regularly and to refine and adapt how they work for YOU!

  1. Develop yourself as a clear and rapid thinker – cut out the rubbish, get to the heart of the problem or issue.
  2. Become an attentive listener.
  3. Make sure that you can express yourself clearly and succinctly.
  4. Where you see views expressed badly or unclearly be prepared to dive in and seek out clarity
  5. Ensure that you come across as impartial and impersonal – never play your hand for all to see.
  6. Become skilled at spotting and then preventing inappropriate interruptions.
  7. Be patient, tolerant and kind in your approaches – this will pay dividends later on.
  8. Be friendly by all means but maintain an air of briskness and be business-like at all times.

Good Luck!

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