Going Mobile – the future Business Model?

Going Mobile – the future Business Model?

We all know that businesses should seek out customers – only truly exceptional businesses just sit there waiting for customers to come and buy or even having customers waiting in line to buy!

The future is mobile! Go to where the customer is and deliver on their doorstep.

Sounds crazy? Not so!

Australia has seen the birth of its first mobile barbershop run from the back of a converted van. The business operates in the Maroubra suburb of Sydney and currently caters for an average of 40 clients per day all of whom pay $25 for the service. With a database of 1,000 clients who find out the exact location from the company website which gives details of exact locations and times, customer loyalty is strong and word-of-mouth also spreads the service and generates custom.

More and more businesses are taking the mobile option; Australia has seen the rise of mobile Massage businesses (sports injury and health-related services), a mobile laundry which operates as a social business catering for the homeless groups in Brisbane, a Shark On a Bus mobile museum offering a range of marine exhibits – and a full length shark – operating on a route around tourist destinations.

Here in the UK the trend has begun with mobile Dog grooming services and mobile hairdressers (not Barbers!) already well-established. Colleges have converted vehicles to become mobile IT classrooms running bespoke courses at employer’ premises and there are a number of old London Transport double-decker buses plying their trade as mobile party venues and Bar facilities that come to any location.

So how can this develop? How about a pop-up Shoe Cleaning service at a retail park or a mobile pampering vehicle? Extend the 1:1 Chiropody model and offer a Clinic service at GP Surgeries or at the premises of large employers? How about a mobile PA/Administration service for SMEs at in Industrial estates?

The future looks very mobile – I’m thinking a mobile “Wash and Brush Up” service for stressed business professionals – after all looking good generates business!

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