Motivational Mondays – Top Tips – Part Two

Try the following simple steps to get next week off to a flier! Remember to revisit them regularly and to refine and adapt how they work for YOU!

  1. Financial rewards never work; where the task requires creative input money is not a good motivational force. Motivation here comes from job satisfaction and being stretched and developing new ideas.
  1. Be optimistic – ALWAYS; the more optimistic and open-minded you are the more likely you are to produce a good result and to be motivated to do so in the first place. You can learn to be optimistic it just takes time!
  1. Be realistic; it is great to have a long-term goal and that does motivate us and spur us on but only if we recognise that there will be barriers and hurdles to overcome. We must see that barriers hurt but to succeed we need to refresh our approach and keep trying.
  1. Always have a specific goal that can be measured; too often we are encouraged to ”do our best” and while this is a noble aspiration it lacks any sense of measurable achievement. If I “do my best” but fail at the first hurdle I will give up and look at something else. Here I am admitting defeat and have given up.
  1. Use your willpower to maximum effect; the more difficult a task the more drain there will be upon your ability to complete it. The trick is to assess actually if the task or aspiration is worth focusing on in the first place and are you better off considering an alternative target?

Good Luck!

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