Motivational Mondays – Top Tips – Part Three

Try the following simple steps to get next week off to a flier! Remember to revisit them regularly and to refine and adapt how they work for YOU!

  1. Fear of Failure; in every person trying to get on and advance there is always the fear that failure will happen. You need to ask yourself the key question – Is your fear reasonable? Is the effort likely to lead to reward and what can you do to improve your chances? Be open and consider all of the possibilities and be prepared for some short-term losses to achieve your goal.
  1. Be clear on what you do not want to do; make sure that in dealing with your tasks for the day you do not allow yourself to get distracted and put energy into things that do not give you a result. Stick to your purpose and have down time later!
  1. Use prompt notes; these encourage you to stick to the job in hand. Put them in your Diary or papers knowing that you will find them and then get energised from the content!
  1. Have a Plan B; disaster, challenges and setbacks are all inevitable and a part of our lives and potential motivation killers. Avoid this drain on motivation by setting out a fall-back plan or position when such events come along. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
  1. Maximise your energy; work for 20 minutes and then take 5 on something you find interesting and watch your energy levels rebound. Taking breaks and switching to more interesting things to do helps you refocus.

Good Luck!

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