Motivational Mondays – Top Tips – Part One

Try the following simple steps to get next week off to a flier! Remember to revisit them regularly and to refine and adapt how they work for YOU!

  1. Find a Purpose; work on something meaningful and exciting to you. If the task has limited appeal look for the hidden gems within it that you can use on your CV and in your next project or assignment. Motivation will constantly become a struggle if you find little meaning in applying effort while it will feel almost self-perpetuating when your work has legitimate meaning to you. Make your work matter.
  1. Master your subject specialism; set out to systematically improve your skills to help sharpen your sense of purpose. Break down big pieces of work into small manageable segments and reward yourself at every stage with rewards that correspond to the size and level of achievement reached. Sustained progress brings with it a strong sense of reward and satisfaction.
  1. Take time out when needed; we are not programmed to work with intensity for long periods of time and we need a break to renew our focus. Work hard, apply yourself, but then have breaks on a regular basis to clear your mind and return refreshed.
  1. Get involved in the task; set out how the task you are about to work on will develop you and stretch you. If tasks are interesting they set their own path in our minds and we really drill down into the work. This creates flows of energy and application which will lift your thinking and inspire you.
  1. Know when you need a break; motivation varies with mood and many other factors beyond our control. Your motivation will return after a period of rest and reflection.

Good Luck!

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