Motivational Mondays – Top Tips – Part Four

Try the following simple steps to get next week off to a flier! Remember to revisit them regularly and to refine and adapt how they work for YOU!

  1. Use Rivalry; competition always increases motivation especially if we think we have a good chance of winning. This needs careful attention so that it does not become overwhelming but it is a powerful means of focusing the mind.
  2. Set good habits; if you can find a good way of using a new habit to spur you on this will help increase your productivity and application.
  3. Make the task look easy to achieve; put the stages down in very simple and plain terms so that there is an easy-to-follow pathway to the goal. Better still tick off the stages as you go through them for an added spring in your step.
  4. Get as much control over the task as possible; set your own direction on tasks whenever you can and maintain a clear sense of control on progress even if you have been given the task to do and thee is relatively little wriggle room of freedom of choice on activity or process.
  5. Use failure to make you stronger; when the voice of doubt enter your head use the learning from previous projects or assignments to spur you on, building upon past mistakes and errors to make this project infinitely better.

Good Luck!

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