Using A Simple Decision-Making Process

  1. Define and clarify the issue – does it warrant action? If so, now? Is the matter urgent, important or both.
  2. Gather all the facts and understand their causes. NEVER assume anything at this stage. Get the facts, the facts and nothing but the facts.
  3. Think about all possible options and solutions. At this stage there is no such thing as a daft or irrelevant idea – they all count!
  4. Consider and compare the ‘pros and cons’ of each option – consult others if necessary or useful – and for bigger complex decisions where there are several options, create a template which enables measurements according to different strategic ideas or models e.g. Swot or PESTLE.
  5. Select the best option – avoid vagueness and weak compromises in trying to please everyone. Be bold – he best solution not a fudge to keep people happy.
  6. Explain your decision to those involved and affected, and follow up to ensure proper and effective implementation. Never just walk away from your decision and always back up your choice with facts and reasoning – to satisfy the doubters!

Good Luck.

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