How To Improve My Self-Motivation – Part Three 

Self-motivation is complex. It is linked to your level of initiative in setting challenging goals for yourself, your belief that you have the skills and abilities needed to achieve those goals and the reasonable expectation that if you put in enough hard work, you will succeed (or at least be in the running, if it’s a competitive situation).

There are a number of factors are necessary to build the strongest levels of self-motivation one of which is developing a motivating environment.

Positive Thinking and Positive Thinking About the Future

Positive thinking is closely related to self-confidence as a factor in self-motivation. It is important to look at things positively, especially when things do not go as you intended or planned.

If you think that things are going to go wrong, or that you will not succeed, this may influence things in such a way that your predictions will come true. This is particularly the case if you need to work hard to achieve success, or if you need to persuade others to support you in order to succeed.

Your thoughts can have a major influence on whether you succeed or fail, so make sure those thoughts are “on your side.”

Positive thinking also helps you think about an attractive future that you want to achieve. When you expect positive results, your choices will be more positive, and you’ll be less likely to leave outcomes to fate or chance. Having a vivid picture of success, combined with positive thinking, helps you bridge the gap between wanting something and going out to get it.

To apply “the power of positive thinking”, do the following;

  • Become aware of your thoughts. Write down these down throughout the day. See what patterns emerge and modify your approach accordingly.
  • Challenge your negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones.
  • Create a strong and vivid picture of what it will be like to achieve your goals.
  • Develop affirmations or statements that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day. These statements should remind you of what you want to achieve, and why you will achieve it. This will help keep you focused.
  • Practice positive thinking until you automatically think about yourself and the world in a positive way, every day.

Good Luck!

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