How To Improve My Self-Motivation – Part Two 

Self-motivation is complex. It’ is linked to your level of initiative in setting challenging goals for yourself, your belief that you have the skills and abilities needed to achieve those goals and the reasonable expectation that if you put in enough hard work, you will succeed (or at least be in the running, if it’s a competitive situation).

There are a number of factors are necessary to build the strongest levels of self-motivation one of which is developing a motivating environment.

Have a Focus and set yourself Strong Goals

A key part of building self-motivation is to start setting strong goals. These give you focus, a clear sense of direction, and the self-confidence that comes from recognizing your own achievement.

First, determine your direction through effective goal setting.

When you set a goal it will give you a clear direction. The trick is to make sure that you fully honour that pledge and that you rise to the challenge. Your Goals MUST have the following features;

  • Clarity– Effective goals are clear, measurable, specific, and based on behaviour, not outcomes.
  • Challenge– Goals should be difficult enough to be interesting, but not so difficult that you are unable to achieve them.
  • Commitment– Goals should be attainable, and should be relevant and they should contribute in a significant way to the major objectives you are trying to achieve.
  • Regularity of Feedback– Monitor your progress towards your goals regularly to maintain your sense of momentum and enthusiasm, and enjoy your progress towards those goals.
  • Never make them too complicated – If the goal involves complex work make sure that you do not over-commit yourself. Complex work can take an unpredictably long time to complete (particularly if you have to learn how to do the task “on the job”).

When you have a variety of goals, be sure to schedule your time and resources effectively. You can achieve the “focus” part of self-motivation by prioritising and establishing a schedule that will help you succeed. It makes no sense to work until you’re exhausted or give up one goal to achieve another.

Good Luck!

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