The Nine Characteristics Of A Successful Team

  • A belief in shared aims – people united and pushing for one goal.
  • A sense of commitment – full participation from all to get the job done to the right standard at the right time.
  • Acceptance of group norms – making sure that groups rules and procedures are honored by all members of the team.
  • A feeling of mutual respect – whilst there may be differences in the characteristics of individual members this does not get in the way of achieving what has been set for the combined group.
  • Full participation – nobody sitting to one side and letting others do all of the work.
  • Free flow of information – data, information and most importantly knowledge are shared freely and easily among the group.
  • Open expression of feelings – allowing those who want to say what their feelings and opinions are in such a way that others respect this, listen to what is said and collectively act upon it.
  • Resolution of conflict – where there are disagreements and differences of opinion they are discussed and an appropriate solution is implemented, supported by the entire group.
  • Lower level of staff turnover – the true Acid Test! Successful and productive teams and groups generally have a lower level of staff turnover as staff enjoy their task and gain support and encouragement from their peers.

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