When You Know It’s Time To Get Another Job!

Job stability is just a dream these days – companies are downsizing and changing their structures at a blistering pace. This creates uncertainty and fear in us all.

However, on the other side of the coin, you may be hanging onto a job that is actually doing you more harm than good. Being stressed and unsatisfied is a very unhappy place but this only makes getting out even more important.

So what are the signs that it is time to go?

  1. There’s a lot of animosity in the workplace.There are too many people who are fighting with themselves and the organisation. It is only a matter of time before you get sucked in and the atmosphere is already poisonous.
  2. The corporate culture has changed and not for the better. The culture that appealed to you and met your aspirations when you took the position has changed and will not be returning. You are already against what is happening and the values that you have are not shared by the management.
  3. No promotion opportunities. We all want a career and progression but the chances are just not there. The lure of doing the current job for the foreseeable future is enough to get anyone looking for a way out.
  4. The joy has gone out of it.Mundane and repetitive tasks and duties weigh heavily and the job has become monotonous hence it is impossible to find any satisfaction.
  5. There is just too much stress.Burn out is a huge problem in all organisations today with long hours on high alert, tedious, repetitive work, too much travel, and challenging management cultures. Get out before something serious happens to your health!

Good Luck!

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