The Top 5 Things You Should Never Do At Work

  1. Speak, behave or quit out of rage or revenge

Most people spend more hours at work than anywhere else so it is normal and expected that we will experience wide ranging and intense emotions while working. If you act impulsively and rashly at work, you will likely lose much more than your self-respect.

  1. Backstab your colleagues

This is an absolute no – no under any circumstances.

Why do we do that?  The answer is that we are plainly too weak to address the problem directly, preferring to just sit there and launch into a downward spiral of nastiness. Do not think this is just gossip or the grapevine in full flow – it is behaviour designed to hurt and wound. Remember – what goes around always comes around.

3. Lie

We tell lies most often when we think that the truth will hurt us somehow, or when we want to avoid facing the consequences of our truth.  Those who use lies are less powerful than those who do not – it is as simple as that. Secondly lies always have to be carried on and inevitably they grow out of all proportion and you have to have an excellent memory to keep up with it all.

  1. Telling Everyone that you are fed up

A self-defeating prophecy in totality. It is far better to talk positively about the things that you enjoy, your accomplishments and what the next challenge will be. Discuss your plans and desires for growth and change.

  1. Burn bridges

We all need other people and we get results by working with other people. Every single one of your relationships is vitally important to you and your future, so craft them with care.  Avoid people you don’t trust or like but never burn bridges.

Good Luck!

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